Cotton Bureau is considering making the switch from American Apparel tees to their Next Level counterparts. I like both, but about 75% of the shirts in my closet are printed on AA blanks. I'll admit that knowing whether a shirt is printed on an AA blank has influenced my purchases in the past, but I also know a lot of people who feel the same about Next Level's products. Cotton Bureau certainly isn't taking this decision lightly, as they've come up with a pretty smart way to gauge how customers are going to feel about the change. From now until 07.03.15, they are offering a colorful new "Next Level User Test" design (created specifically for the task) on three different types of Next Level tees. Available to all customers, a midnight heather poly-cotton shirt or black 100% cotton shirt can each be purchased for just $12, and a heather grey tri-blend is $14.

This is the lowest price Cotton Bureau has offered anything other than their mystery tee; and the only thing they are asking in return is in your opinion. After you receive your shirt, they're going to check back to see how they fit, how they've held up, and how you think they compare to American Apparel. If this sounds to you like a great deal and a fun experiment to be a part of, you're not alone. Over 550 shirts already been sold. Get in on the action over at the Cotton Bureau store, and read more about the project on the brand's blog.