Well my computer seems to be back in good shape (warranty repairs always seem to take forever!), so I figured it was time to get back on the horse and write up some posts. I can't lie though, I've also been distracted by the unfolding baseball season. Besides my Mets doing well, I think this is panning out to be a really epic year. Pre-season predictions seem to have been thrown out the window, and events like the Royals/White Sox brawl and tomorrow's unfortunate "closed door" Orioles' game (the first in Major League Baseball's history) only add to the unpredicability.

My Favourite Color Studio, producers of the beautifully hand-illustrated Fungo Baseball Cards, is also bringing us a "first" that's actually worth celebrating. The "MFC Leadoff" jersey is the brand's inaugural offering of on-field baseball apparel, and it sparks the same feeling of nostalgia as the cards. It is available in three different colorways, and each includes old-school sleeve stripes and v-neck trim. You can find these American-made jerseys exclusively at mfcstudio.com, along with their newest set of baseball cards.