When I was going to school for art, I was obsessed with fonts. I wasn't skilled enough to create my own, but I spent hours scouring the internet for the perfect typeface to compliment whatever assignment I was working on. In turn I clocked just as many hours cataloging what I had collected. Somewhere in my home office is 5 or 6 zip disks (dating myself there) that are neatly organized, and a few more still awaiting review.

Benjie Escobar x Hutch LA's "Old English" tee is one for my fellow type fiends. In commemoration of the artist's "Take It Easy" show now at Hutch LA through 03.28.15, the two have put together a collection of shirts showcasing Escobar's Los Angeles meets Toon Town narrative. This shirt in particular features his spectacular hand-drawn Blackletter typeface. Some of my other favorite pieces are "For the Homies," "Stoned," and the "East Los" hooded windbreaker. Take in the entire collaboration online at hutchla.com, or visit their physical location at 4169 Verdugo Road in Los Angeles if you're nearby.