I love the gritiness of the most recent adaption of Batman, Christopher Nolan's "The Dark Knight" Trilogy; but Tim Burton's first two Batman movies with Michael Keaton are my favorites. They captured what was great about the original television series, but updated and added Burton's signature touches. The second "Batman Returns" storyline was definitely darker, at the same time taking the visual imagery to a whole other level.

Electric Zombie captures all the magic with the "Frostbite" bundle inspired by Burton's vision for the franchise. The collection is limited to just 100 sets, and includes an incredible 24" x 36" poster created by Kyle himself, a wicked tee design by Anthony Petrie, and a Cobblepot campaign button that puts the actual movie prop to shame. No one part of this package outshines another, making it well worth $55. There is still time to pick up a set from Electric Zombie's online shop, and you can read more about the project in Kyle's own words on the brand's blog.