I was so consumed by searching out sales for my "Black Friday" posts that I initally missed Straw Castle Design's announcement regarding the release of the "Bitten By Failure" flask. Luckily I didn't miss out on the chance to purchase one. The artwork transitioned nicely to the leather sleeve while maintaining Derrick's fine line work and attention to detail, adding even more class to this practical gentleman's accesory.

None of us are free from failure, the true test is whether or not you get up. Suck it up, take a swig, and keep on moving. The hard part should be deciding what you're going to fill this beautiful vessel with. I have a bottle of Grey Goose sitting in the liquor cabinet, but vodka and I aren't really friends anymore. I'm thinking it's time to appreciate the craftsmanship of  fine whiskey; feel free to comment on Twitter or Facebook if you have some moderately priced suggestions. The flask is still available in Straw Castle Design's Etsy store. Keep in mind though that only 10 were originally up for sale, so don't wait too long to make your purchase.