There are a handful of drawing challenges that take place during October, and artists of all skill levels participate by creating daily sketches throughout the month and sharing them online. The idea seems simple enough, but the resulting drawings are inspiring. Although I don't participate, I follow the "Drawlloween 2014" challenge by routinely visiting the Mintees thread of the same name.

Artist Kevin Luong cranks out his submissions like a beast, working his magic with blinding speed and precision. Last year he marked the event's completion by creating a "Drawlloween" zine, compiling all of his entries into a 5" x 7" black and white booklet. The first 31 books were signed, numbered, and given individualized hand-cut covers, which regretfully I missed out on. My lazy ass finally got around to ordering one earlier this month, and it now has a dedicated spot on my bookshelf. I definitely plan on perusing its pages throughout the year when I get the Halloween itch. You can still get one yourself for a mere $6.66 from Kevin's Storenvy site, and stalk his Tumblr page for his latest work. I'm hoping we see a new edition once this year's challenge is complete.