I can't think about Halloween anymore without getting excited about the new stuff Electric Zombie releases in conjunction with the holiday. The overloaded "Trick Or Treat" bags may be long gone, but there are still a load of goodies in store to treat yourself to. This seasonal drop includes five reprint t shirts, a new pocket tee, two prints, and the aforementioned candy and toy filled bag.

The "Haunt" reprint utilizes glow-in-the-dark ink to expose the ghostly inhabitants of this fantastic illustration. I generally avoid white shirts (I always end up somehow making a mess of them), but I couldn't pass on this one.

I've been waiting for this little guy to be showcased on his own shirt since he first appeared with other Ghostbusters' villains in this year's earlier "Spooker" design. The "Plasm" tee's pocket print and bright color is just as bold the rest of the drop's oversized prints.

"Decay" originally debuted as a Grave Takers' design, but has been resurrected to join this Halloween release, given new life on a vivid tri-blend red t shirt blank.

I was entranced by "Maximum Overdrive," Stephen King's first (and only) foray in directing, when I was a preteen. After catching it on cable the other night, I'm happy to report its still as much fun to watch now. My favorite parts of that movie are still the soda machine scene and the wicked "Green Goblin" truck. The "Joyride" print is a perfect tribute to this underrated classic.

Each shirt in the new collection is still available in all sizes, but they're going fast. Don't wait too long to visit the Electric Zombie shop and pick something up.