Sure Fright-Rags is the premier spot for the best looking, officially licensed horror movie inspired apparel. In my case, they also keep me up to date on newer additions to the genre that are actually worth checking out. I missed all the chatter about "Tucker & Dale vs. Evil" film the first time around, but the moment they teased their "Tucker & Dale vs. Evil" Collection, I had to see the movie for myself. I enjoy when these more recent films are either campy or involve some kind of twist on the perceived idea of what a horror story should be - and this movie is both. If you enjoyed it as much as I did, you owe it to yourself to scope out this exclusive collection. The items are all currently on pre-order, but they are limited meaning that some items may sell out before this sale window closes. There are four t shirts and one raglan currently available; unfortunately their spot-on recreation of Dale's "Giv'er" cap is long gone. The "Version 3" tee is probably my favorite, Tony Moore's artwork naturally looking like it was torn from the pages of the nonexistent comic book that inspired the flick. Everything is scheduled to ship early October and can be purchased through the Fright-Rags' shop.