It's been years since the words "Hold my beer" have crossed my lips, and although the details of the events that followed each time are hazy, I definitely have a few scars to remind me of fun times. Let it be noted there were an equal amount of times with more favorable outcomes. Come to think of it, the more painful ones always involved a pretty girl tending to my wounds, so I can't complain. Chive Tees nailed it with the description of their "Hold My Beer" t shirt and I just had to have it when it showed in their email newsletter. The shirt arrived just this Tuesday, and I can attest to it being a high quality print on a super soft cut and sew tee. Artist Denton Watts is new to me - I really dig his ultra minimal use of color and simple but bold style. I'm looking forward to seeing more of his work, and at the time of this post Chive Tees just premiered another design of his, "Ain't My First Rodeo."   You can find Chive Tees exclusively through The Chivery, and sign up for their newsletter to keep on top of new releases.