I've amassed a squad of Little Lazies, which are the only custom toys I'm fortunate to own. A "Zombie Lazy" was my first, a "Lil' Paddy Penguin" my last, a dapper "Mustachioed Lazy" that keeps it classy, and a "Random Halloweirdo" that is surely my favorite. There's one little guy I've been dying to add to my collection- the hand-made little clay bundle of nostalgia known as the "My (Lil' Lazy) Pet Monster." Quantities were extremely limited when he first appeared back in May 2013, and sadly I wasn't fast enough with the mouse to nab one. Due to popular demand, monster creator Leah has decided to give fans a second chance to pick up this rad dude for a limited time. The pre-order offer ends soon though - 12 noon EST on 08.18.14 to be exact. If you dig this guy as much as I do, there are two ways to order; either through the Little Lazies Etsy or Big Cartel storefronts. Each will be signed and numbered, and will ship out in October. Now I just have to scrounge up $35 before payday.

UPDATE 08.18.14 The pre-order period has been extended! Not sure of the end date, so don't wait too long to order yours.