UK-based illustrator Kev Grey recently tapped 23 other artists from around the world to join him in assembling his newest art book, "The Cranium Stockpile." Each skilled artist was tasked with creating their own stylized renditions of one of my favorite subjects, the human skull (okay, that came off a little too creepy). They were limited to a color palette of only black and white and inspired by the same medical illustration, but that certainly didn't prevent each resulting piece of artwork from being remarkable and unique. To be honest, the only artists that I were familiar with before this post were Godmachine, Tom J Newell, and Mark Riddick. After scoping out all of the other artists whom I was unaccustomed to, though, I really look forward to seeing their contributions to the project.

Add this 56 page paperback to your library for only £7.00 (roughly $12) from Kev Grey's personal shop, and you will also receive a free copy of his 64 page "Beyond The Pale: The Artwork of Kev Grey."