I didn't discover Electric Zombie until my brother turned me on to the brand in 2010, so I missed the very first round of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles inspired tees released the year before. 30+ shirts later, EZ is the brand that shows up the most often in my closet (rivaled only by Grave Takers), and I was lucky enough to grab the "Mondo" reissue. I'm still kicking myself for missing the final print of "Thrasher" but am crossing my fingers with the hope that "Don Of The Dead" prints again. Undoubtedly fans of the brand back in '09 were as ecstatic as I am about the days old "Cowabunga" line today. Sure it's now the 30th anniversary of this beloved franchise and a new movie is only a week away, but the Turtles are always something to get hyped about.

The collection's raddest piece is the limited edition "Exposed" poster, created and signed by Kyle himself. The border alone takes on a life of its own with its oozing, purple sewer drainpipes. Click the image above to go to the product listing; the close-up photo is a must see to fully appreciate the details. He really did a bang-up job with this print.

My girlfriend was just reading a BuzzFeed article early last week entitled "18 Ridiculously Awful Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Action Figures," and she was going down the list asking me which ones I owned as a kid. Of course Muckman was high on that list, so "Junkies" brought a huge smile to my face. I love that characters other than the turtles and most popular villains make appearances on EZ shirts. The inclusion of Mondo Gecko, Tokka and Rahzar appeals to long-time TMNT fans.

As the brands I follow grow and top themselves with each new drop, it gets harder and harder for me to decide what to buy. Although I would buy it all in a heartbeat, my budget is limited by "adult responsibilities." I own a little over a 1/2 dozen TMNT themed shirts, but none like "Homeslice." This portrait of Mikey is so '90s in its color and execution - it's just freaking shellacious! I'm thinking this will probably be the shirt I wear to the theater later this week (if it arrives in time). Maybe I'll pair it with my EZ snapback.

The collection's additional shirts and goodies are as equally awesome as what I featured here, so be sure to visit the Electric Zombie online store.