No idea why, but I've been watching "Dredd" almost every night the past week while writing posts. Top-notch special effects aside, this movie is everything I wish Judge Dredd's first cinematic appearance was. The first movie had the over the top uniform just right, but it lacked the grit and violence of "Dredd" that I feel has always been an important part of the comic book. Karl Urban also kills the part of Dredd, straight up murders it. Due to the recent obsession, I figured there was no better shirt to wear to the Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con today than Jack Of All Trades "Judge Dredd Neon Panels." I don't think I'd be good at cosplay, but some variation of the comic book Judge Dredd would be on the very short list of characters I'd want to portray. Don't get me wrong, I would make a kick-ass costume; I just don't know if I could carry the character. I think for now I'll just stick to this mean tee, available through the Jack of All Trades store.