"Ezio's Vitruvian Man"



"Edward's Wheel"

I didn't get my Xbox until 2012, and I currently spend most of my time playing either Call of Duty Black Ops II or Ghosts with my friends and co-workers. That hasn't stopped me from building a library of the games that I've heard about and always wanted to play, though. I watch the sales for deals on the Lego Star Wars and Batman games, the three Batman: Arkham installments, and all of the Assassin's Creed adventures. I'm probably most looking forward to playing the latter, with its focus on secret societies and basis in historical fiction is going to have me entranced.

Consequentially, I'm thrilled with the arrival of Declaration Clothing's "Assassin's Creed" collection. A partnership between this clothing company and gaming franchise who both share a love of history is such a no-brainer. Not to mention that the phenomenal results are pretty memorable in their own right. There are four officially licensed designs in total, and all but one, "Ezio's Vitruvian Man," are available in both guys and girls cuts. "Fortune & Adventure" is also being offered on a laser cut cherry wood iPhone case. The entire collection can be obtained through the Declaration Clothing shop.