Night Watch Studios Patches & Pins


I realized the other day that I have a bunch of patches and pins that I've purchased but still haven't put on anything. So I've been busy attaching them to my spring jackets. The only problem is that as I'm going along giving them new homes, I keep picking up more. Night Watch Studios has had a few bitchin' patches and pins in stock lately. The "VHS" lapel pin just came in the mail last week, and it went right on my denim jacket that looks like something I would have died to wear as a kid in the '80s/'90s, covered in cartoon and pizza-themed embelishments. The quality is top-notch, the craftsmenship so clean. It looks exactly as pictured - not one of those shitty pins with gloppy paint and rough edges. Last night I snatched up the "Beer Drinker Hell Raiser" patch to go above one of the pockets on my black denim vest, it's sure to look badass. I also ordered the re-stocked "Vacation Forever" patch to brighten up my camo day pack. I can't wait to see the gradients in the sky and sun up close. Grab one (or all) from the Night Watch Studios store and add some flair to your shit.