Mondo "237 Collection"

The hexagonal textile pattern made famous (or infamous?) by its starring role in Stanley Kubrick's big screen adaption of "The Shining" has made occasional appearances on rare items through the years. But never has it been with as much grandiose as Mondo's new "237 Collection." Joining forces with masters of the knitted form, Middle Of Beyond, they have created six limited edition items that utilize this unforgettable pattern. Four of the six allow you to spread a little bit of horror wherever you go in the form of a pullover sweater, cardigan, scarf, or the super intimidating ski mask. The last two let you create your own little Overlook Hotel in your living space with a door mat or area rug. The pre-order period ends 05.10.14, with delivery in late August. I don't think I'm going to be able to resist purchasing the pullover - it's like an evil Cosby sweater.