Iron Fist x Garbage Pail Kids

According to my girlfriend, right now I'm into all-over prints. They're slowly overtaking camo, but isn't that technically an all-over print as well? Even if this type of print isn't your thing, this insane Iron Fist x Garbage Pail Kids sublimation print tee should still make any child of the '80s feel nostalgic. There's a soft spot in my heart for anything having to do with these outrageous little misfits. I don't own a lot of GBK items, but that doesn't keep me from swooning over every new one I come across. Have you seen the new die-cut sketch cards?! So cool!

I wasn't able to find this shirt at my local Hot Topic but it is in stock online - and that seems to be the only place you can find it. As an added bonus, right now it's on sale for only $18 and you can ship to your local store for free. Get your gross on!