GLORP Gum! "Glorps Will Getcha!"

Three tasty new flavors joined the GLORP Gum! line-up last month, along with a bunch of other great goodies. "Glorps Will Getcha" wonderfully illustrates the folklore of the mischievous little gremlins that I came to adore from their stint torturing Bugs Bunny in the Merrie Melodies' cartoon "Fallin' Hare." Gremlins have existed in aviation folklore since the 1920s, said to have originated with Royal Air Force pilots. They gained popularity during World War II (hence the 1943 cartoon), but they've never appeared as devilish as they do in Brad McGinty's hands. Score the t shirt with the purchase of a GLORP Gum! "Ghoul" gumball. You can also snatch up the "Bomber Squadron" patch on its own or stitched to a trucker cap.