Evolve Clothing Co. "Classic (Dye)"

Although I've always dug trippy, well done tie-dye patterns, I typically stayed away from them because they seemed to be solely associated with being a dirty hippie (I use that term with the utmost affection). I'm stoked that these unique shirts have gained popularity in recent years among all kinds of brands. I still am on the fence about the super bright colors - my favorite shirts of this style are those making use of brown, navy and black dyes; utilizing these darker tones to create something that seems more sinister. Graphics also have to be chosen with care, as they can easily clash with the blank they are printed on.

Evolve's "Classic (Dye)" t shirt is a perfect example. The brand's logo is simple and spot-on in both color choice and placement, and the woven label sewn at the hip gives it a little more class then your standard summer festival garb. It's available now in the Evolve Clothing shop for $29.99, and if you order this weekend you can take advantage of their "Spring Blowout Sale" by using code SPRING50. I also recommend peeping their trio of dapper cut and sew pocket tees.