TIMBER! "Dead Inside"

It's been about a year since we've seen something new from TIMBER!, but by the looks of the new "Bygone" series, it was so worth the wait. I'm always impressed by the way that all together, every piece is immediately recognizable as being produced by the same brand -yet each is able to maintain their own unique identity. It's a consistency that doesn't rely solely on plastering the same logo on every single item in their catalog - often times it takes a moment to locate their wordmark on a shirt. Instead Chad Eaton's style remains unchanged, and a love of his home state of California, the outdoors, fine axemanship and feats of manliness are interwoven throughout all items. Curiosity draws you in further, driven by the reoccuring presence of the all seeing eye, bones, and other mysterious elements of their "Preservation Society."

"Dead Inside" illustrates my point concisely, illustrating the unfortunate result of a axe-wielding society fellow challenging one of CA's majestic grizzlies. Furthermore, TIMBER! owns the camel American Apparel blanks, whether it be t shirts, crew neck sweatshirts or hoodies. I have yet to see another brand master this offbeat color the way they have. Outfit your next adventure over at TIMBER!'s Etsy storefront.