Selector! "Universal"

I think all of us who commute have had that at least one day where traffic gets out of control and it's just crawling (or stopped dead), and you're about to lose your mind and ram the car directly in front of you. Having more than a few of those days lately, I take a deep breath, tilt my seat back a little, and put on some reggae. I let my mind take off on its own with the tranquil beats flowing from my speakers. Coupled with the words of great poet musicians calling for peace and the unification of all men, it puts everything in perspective. Selector! understands the importance of this message, the words laid out sublimely on their "Universal" tee. Enlisting the aide of MR44, they created a jamming typographical represantition of this message of "one." Two new colorways mark it's return to the Selector! shop, both are still available in most sizes.