Rebel8 "Gamblin' Since 2003" 11-Year Anniversary Capsule Collection

The pièce de résistance of Rebel8's "Gamblin' Since 2003" 11-Year Anniversary Capsule Collection is the custom deck of Bicycle playing cards. We're not talking about a set of generic faces with a Rebel8-specific back - Rebel8 went all out with these cards that commemorate the brand's 11th year anniversary. The court cards, "Joker" and card backs have all been re-imagined by Giant, creating a deck fitting of the occasion. I dig how the illustrated Rebel8 royalty appear so illuminated, as though they should be immortalized in stained glass. Giant's artistry is even more evident when the artwork is enlarged and placed on the collection's accompanying tees. All items are available through the Rebel8 shop and select retailers.





"Jack of Spades"