Hydro74 "Playboy Trooper" Patch

I'd like to imagine that if they celebrated Easter on the Death Star (R.I.P.), Darth Vader would show his softer side and embrace this holiday for the children. He would paint his helmet like an egg, and command his Stormtroopers to don pink ears and bow ties as portrayed by Hydro74's "Playboy Trooper" patch. Haha, just playing, that bad dude could give a damn about the children! He was crusty and old before he genuinely cared about his own kids. Seriously, he cut off his only son's hand!

I found this patch while searching for new adornments for my 80s themed denim jacket. Even though the Playboy bunny logo dates back to the 50s, and Stormtroopers first appeared in the late 70s, I associate both with my youthful, preteen fantasies and obsessions. The design is also available on a lighter and keychain from Hydro74's personal shop.