Go Ape Shirts "BFM" & "BMF"

Go Ape Shirts is giving customers some executive power in determining the destiny of two badass new tees. Both "BFM" and "BMF" can be purchased through pre-order from now until 03.22.14 at the discounted price of $18.99. If 25 shirts of either design are sold by that date the shirt will go to print and join the permanent catalog at a new price of $23.99. If that goal is not met they'll either "disappear into an infinite Groundhog's Day time loop" or "only be sold in the country of What" (props to Go Ape for that wordplay). Guide the hand of fate by placing your pre-order through the Go Ape Shirts store. Gunga galunga...gunga- gunga lagunga, motherfvckers.