Electric Zombie March Sale

Okay, so March is almost over, but there is still time to save with Electric Zombie's month long sale going down simultaneously on the brand's MerchNOW & Merchline storefronts. I couldn't be happier with the two items I picked up. I had been drooling over both since they dropped as part of the first installment of the 2014 Winter Line.

Purchasing the "Spooker" print was a no-brainer. The illustration is so much more awesome than any official merchandise put out by "The Real Ghostbusters" during the cartoon's tenure or even now. The vivid colors fit right in among the other vibrant prints that make up the mini-gallery in my home office.

I love the fact that EZ makes shirts that reference the movies, tv shows, cartoons and toys that I grew up with; but I also enjoy the unique branded items Kyle puts out. The "Warzone" hoodie is now my go-to black hoodie.

Included in the sale is almost the entire "OC Pizza" collection. You'll find T shirts, prints, and the "Prime Directives" pack, all inspired by Alex Murphy's "heavy metal" alter ego.

Even the newest incarnations of the "Dead Heads" in their red and white "Dexter" colorways have been dropped to $15 a piece.

Lastly, I can't forget to mention that the entire Grave Takers catalog has also been discounted in both the MerchNOW and Merchline stores. Now go buy something before it's all gone.