TeeFury "Mickthulhu Mouse" by BeastPop

If I'm going to write about a design being offered on one of the "daily" t shirt sites, I like to try to get my post up in the very early morning so that everyone gets a chance to see it before its sale is over (I know you email subscribers probably won't see this until tomorrow). However, when I got home from work today and saw some of the hate BeastPop was getting over on TeeFury for his "Mickthulhu Mouse" t shirt, I couldn't resist spreading the good word about this delightful mash-up of such evil proportions. Even if you aren't a fan of this mutated love child of Mickey and Chtulhu, you're a fool not to applaud him for his first-rate execution and creativity.

The shirt is available on TeeFury today only, 02.07.14, and even if you aren't planning on buying it you should take a few minutes to read the comments section. Its sale has garnered some of the funniest comments I've seen on TeeFury in awhile; kudos to BeastPop for his witty responses to the naysayers.

UPDATE - 02.08.14: You can now find "Mickthulhu Mouse" in BeastPop's Design By Humans Collective store, as well as a black and white variant.