Homage "Consider Yourself A Hero"

One of the Facebook pages I really enjoy following is that of Homage. Even if you're not really into owning some of the best looking and most comfortable shirts out there, you should like their page solely for the daily history lessons that you only wish you were taught in school. Posts highlight memorable dates in sports, pop culture and musical history such as: (A) 01.23.84 - the date Hulk Hogan defeated the Iron Sheik to win his first W.W.F. title, (B) 02.17.89 - when "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure" premiered in theaters, and (C) 01.28.94 - the day the Beastie Boys blessed us with "Sabotage."

Of course today's post (02.20.14) about "Contra" being released on this day in 1987 made me smile. In honor of this special occasion, they have dropped the price of their"Consider Yourself A Hero" t shirt down to $19.87. Tomorrow it will return to $28, but I can assure you as a customer that their goods (and excellent customer service) are worth every penny. Oh, and if you learn something from them that wins you a prize at the local trivia night, be sure to say thanks.