Luna Spheres "Zodiac Circles" Necklaces

About a year into writing this blog, I tried my best to create female specific posts once a week. The plan was also to have frequent posts showcasing art prints and home specific items, mens accessories and even kids clothes. That didn't work out exactly as planned, but with it being a new year, I'm going to attempt to get back on at least a bi-weekly schedule.

In terms of the ladies, I know there are some females out there reading this blog, and there are definitely guys with girlfriends or wives whom they buy nice things for occasionally. These "Zodiac Circles" pendant necklaces by Luna Spheres are really beautiful. Each one begins with a sunset photograph taken by the artist, to which an accurate, digitally rendered star constellation is imposed on the sky. The image is decoupaged on a 1" wood circle, topped with a coat of resin and attached to an 18" chain. Not only does the resulting jewelry look very attractive - gifting it to your lovely companion with the correct zodiac sign lets her know you have a general idea of when her birthday is (we'll get to remembering your anniversary another day). Specific signs are still available in the Luna Spheres Etsy shop, and you can probably request a custom order if the one you're looking for is sold out (there's a blue button for custom inquiries on the left hand side of the storefront). Store policy states that the in-stock necklaces are ready to ship in 3-5 business days, so maybe if you ask nicely you'll receive one just in time for Valentine's Day.