T-Shirt Bordello "Super Friends with Benefits"

T-Shirt Bordello approaches their designs with a sense of humor that always makes me crack a smile. "Super Friends with Benefits" is no exception - I snorted with laughter as I opened their recent newsletter, coffee going right up my nose (sorry about that mental picture). I mean the concept makes perfect sense. Superheroes are way too busy protecting the human race to concern themselves with someone who nags them about being "too into their job." Bad guys always end up kidnapping the non-endowed partner and using them in some sort of grandiose evil plot. And when this guardian of mankind comes home after a long day of fending off evil, they just want to "unwind," if you know what I mean. So they deserve the flexibility of a friend with benefits - no strings (well accept for the Lasso of Truth when things get a little kinky) and no emotional attachment. And a super friend with benefits lessens the chance of somebody ending up in the hospital afterwards.

Get in on the pre-order right now for only $10, and show your support for open superhero relationships.