Little Lazies "Limited Edition Winter Lazies" Figurines

I hope all your dreams came true Christmas morning, and you received everything you asked for from the fat jolly man. Before you put this year's celebration in the books though, you'll definitely want to check out the "Limited Edition Winter Lazies." They are going on sale this evening, 12.26.13, and Sunday at 12.29.13 at 8pm EST; available in Little Lazies new Big Cartel store. This new sale format will ensure this and all future "Limited Edition Little Lazies" stay limited to one per customer. The Little Lazies Etsy storefront remains open for all "Random Little Lazies" figures.

You can also bid on three more of these little dudes over on eBay. This guy pictured above, Zombominable Snowman, is definitely my favorite.

If luck's just not on your side during any one of these opportunities, don't fret. You can still order a "Random Winter Little Lazy" that will be custom made just for you.