Grave Takers Black Friday 2013

I look forward to the annual Grave Takers Black Friday delivery as much as I do the pre-holiday sales. The only reason I didn't write about it sooner was because I knew it was my duty as a TMNT fan get the word out about the Electric Zombie sixth anniversary items before they were gone.

Every piece in this new Grave Takers line-up reinforces the standard principal that makes this brand great - phenomenal artwork that really stands out printed solely in white (or gray) ink on black. It's kinda like looking at black and white photographs with composition so breathtaking that you forget about the absence of color. The items featured here are my favorites, and coincidentally the ones topping my Christmas list. I highly suggest you head over to the Grave Takers shop and snatch something up for yourself. Hell, wrap it up, put a gift tag on it signed "From Santa," and act all surprised on Christmas morning. Otherwise, we both know you're probably just getting coal this year.