Golden Eagle Co. Holiday 2013

Christmas is less than a week away, and if there's a skater on your list there's no need to freak out that the shelves are bare at the chain "skate shop" in the mall. What are you doing there anyways? C'mon now, you know you should be shopping your local shops. 

No sweat, Golden Eagle Co. is here to freaking save the day. Not only does their Holiday 2013 collection include rad t shirts, sweatshirts, hats and sticker packs perfect for any budget; everything in store is ready to ship just in time for Christmas. ANYTIME TONIGHT, 12.20.13, is the final date to order for delivery by Tuesday 12.24.13. The "Paranoia" and "Halo G" tees, "La Vida GLDN" crewneck sweatshirt, and M. Skiff sticker pack are at the top of my wish list.