Draplin Design Co. "DDC-100 Pretty Much Everything Up To October 11, 2013" Art Print

This magnificent print from Draplin Design Co. arrived at my house last week, and I finally got a chance to frame it last night. Even though I should have been solely focused on buying gifts for my friends and family, "DDC-100 Pretty Much Everything Up To October 11, 2013" was just too awe-inspiring to pass up. The offspring of the art show of the same name held at the Minneapolis College of Art + Design back in October, this beauty is full of so many DDC gems. All the greats are here from their personal merch catalog, logo work done for clients, illustrations done for their "Field Notes" brand, and so much more. I could stare at this thing for days (I think I already clocked over an hour and a half). Add that each print is hand numbered by the man Aaron Draplin himself, and it is worth so much more than the price of $35 (which even includes shipping).

One word of advice though, leave a lot of room on your wall for this baby when it's all framed and ready to go up. It's big (and beautiful) at an incredible 24" x 36". I originally purchased mine for my office, planning on looking to it for inspiration whenever I was stumped. I totally underestimated the wall space I had allotted for it! No worries here, though, turns out it looks great in my bedroom - talk about "sexy time."