Faux Real "Zombie Costume" Long Sleeve

It seems like costume t shirts and hoodies are becoming more popular every Halloween. Now some could argue that they're the lazy man's (or woman's) costume, but I personally think they're pretty dope. They're comfortable (not itchy, suffocating, extremely hot, or obtrusive), they can be worn most of the other 365 days of the year, and most importantly, no one has an excuse that it was "too hard" to find a getup for the party.

Combined with the right make-up or mask, Faux Real's "Zombie Costume" long sleeve t shirt might even have you winning awards at your next Halloween or costume party. It's all-over photo-realistic printing and mesh sleeves will definitely make you stand out from the herd.

And hey, if zombies aren't your thing,  you could try on their "Anchorman" shirt, which makes "Sinatra look like a hobo."