Electric Zombie "Dead Heads"

Just one look at my t shirt collection and you can see that I genuinely dig what Electric Zombie has to offer. So I knew when I started these "31 Days Of Halloween" posts there had to be one about something epic that the brand was dropping for Halloween. I had no idea the actual product was going to be as insane as the "Dead Heads" turned out to be. The result is real-life Madballs-inspired toys, based on a few of EZ's best and most memorable designs. There are three designs in all that comprise the first series - Sammy, Killector, and Tuff Stuff - each based on the shirt designs of the same name. There are also glow-in-the-dark variants of each, super limited to only 13 per design.

These toys are also joined by three art prints, a colossal trick-or-treat bag chock full of surprises and glow-in-the-dark updates of some of the most popular t shirts in their catalog. I made sure I got my hands on the "Tuff Stuff - Tsunami Dead Head." You deserve one of these resin treats too, but move quickly Danielson. The color "Dead Heads" will be restocked regularly, but once the 13th piece of each glow variant is gone, they'll be gone forever. Sayonara, sucker!