Creep Street "Cursed"

Some of you "True Blood" fans might have a crush on the fiery nubile Jessica Hamby, but the first sexy redheaded bloodsucker I remember hitting the screen in recent times was Lucy Westenra of "Bram Stoker's Dracula." It was so messed up that she met an untimely death, as she was so much hotter (and sluttier, um, I mean entertaining) than Winona Ryder's character. Creep Street pays tribute to this temptress with their "Cursed" t shirt, dropping just in time for Halloween. Those who recognize the still from the excellent 1992 film will know you're not just riding the vampire bandwagon, and the German text will impress the ladies with your worldliness. Choose white or black, but don't take too long to decide, as production is super limited.