Clink Room "Casper Ghosts" New Era 59Fifty Cap

Hands down the baddest baseball hat ever to hit the field sadly was retired only after a handful of seasons, as the Casper Ghosts became the Grand Junction Rockies with a move in 2011. The first glow-in-the-dark hat in baseball history, it is a prime example of the originality and ingenuity Brandiose brings to the table when they take on a team's branding. I was fortunate to get the all black home on-field when it was available from Clink Room back in 2010, and it's been my go to hat ever since. It's been hard to find since the team's move, but luckily this 2Tone "Casper Ghosts" 59 Fifty is now available in the Clink Room's storefront over at hatclub.com. A neon orange brim and glow-in-the-dark round off one amazing hat you'll not only want to rock at Halloween; you also need to add this unique piece to your cap collection.