Orcus Brand "Silly Rabbit"

There are some rad things going down at Orcus Brand as of late. First and foremost is their newest drop, which includes three new shirts. One look at the "Silly Rabbit" t shirt featuring artwork by Burney, and it instantly reminds me of the trippy black light posters you'd find at your local head shop. I'm a huge fan of Orcus Brand's one color prints and how they stand out without relying on color for impact, but could you imagine this design in flourescent inks? It would be INSANE.

An "Artists" page has been added to the site, allowing you to sort designs by the masters who created them. If you have a favorite artist, you can now be sure to own all of the t shirts they had a hand in adding to the brand's catalog.

The third happening is a pretty sweet "buy one/get one deal" valid this week only. Purchase the new "Feedem" raglan, and they'll throw in the "Feedem" t shirt for free. I think they just might have been smoking Burney's private stash (or whatever he was on when he penned the artwork for "Silly Rabbit") as they came up with this - the offer is that crazy. Or maybe they just appreciate their fans & customers, and want to give something back. Either way, head over to the Orcus Brand shop and pick something up.