Native "Crew" Camo Vest

I purchased two denim vests back in the spring, and I know they're going to come in handy this fall with the crazy weather we've been having. A vest is just heavy enough to break the chill in the morning, and I can still throw it on for my ride home when the day warms up. One is pretty metal, black and covered in skull patches. The other is classic blue denim which makes me feel totally '80s, so it's covered with patches inspired by the video games and cartoons I loved during that decade, when I was a kid.

If you're looking for a vest that really stands out from those in the staple colors I just mentioned though, check out Native's "Crew" camo vest. Covered in classic woodland camouflage and adorned with custom Native branded patches and pins, I doubt you'll run into anyone rocking a vest as unique. It's available exclusively through the Native online shop, shipped to you straight from Louisville, Kentucky.