Electric Zombie "Friday The 13th" Release

One of the best camping trips I've gone on also involved probably the coolest thing my dad did when I was a teenager. I was in the Boy Scouts, so we were allowed to spend the weekend at Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco in northern New Jersey. True horror movie fans should know this location and its big screen alter-ego, Camp Crystal Lake. The great Scout leaders we had (each one truly a kid-at-heart) knew without a doubt that it was only fitting we include a television, VCR, and "Friday the 13th" in our camp supplies. Saturday night my dad was in charge of setting up the entertainment, and we were all so excited about watching the movie right where it was filmed that we didn't pay any attention to where he placed everything. During the movie he said he was stepping out to use the outhouse, but instead grabbed a hockey mask from his bag, slipped outside, and slowly crept up to the window that was right behind the T.V. Holy crap - we all jumped up the minute we saw him! Looking back it was really awesome.

I'm sure Electric Zombie can appreciate my story, being that they're marking this "holiday" with a special "Friday The 13th" release. Included are an amazing poster and two equally incredible shirts, all ridiculously affordable considering fans of this slasher flick are sure to love them. Kyle also did fans a solid by marking down his other Jason Voorhees themed designs - the Re-Animated "Manhattan" t shirt and tank, as well as the photo-realistic "Hailraiser" are only $13 as well. Find out more about this drop over at the Electric Zombie blog, and purchase the art print and shirts directly from buyelectriczombie.com.