Draplin Design Co. "DDC-091 Space Shuttle Tribute Torso Cover"

Outer space is pretty astonishing. Just its vastness alone is incredible - there is so much yet to explore. I have to admit, though, it also scares the snot out of me. Not that I'd ever get the chance, but if I was in space I would be afraid to step outside the spacecraft while in orbit for fear of drifting from the vessel and floating away into the abyss.

Originally offered as a poster kit, Draplin Design Co.'s "Space Shuttle Tribute" design is just as sharp on these t shirts. The six color print is brilliant on both the "Moon Rock" Gray and "Blue Sky Re-Entry" Blue, each a fitting commemoration of the American Space Shuttle Program. Celebrate the men and women who didn't just look up at night sky and wonder what was out there among the stars, they took us there. Get yours now through the Draplin Design Co. Merch store, and enjoy free shipping to the U.S. and Canada.