Venus Fallen "Particle Collider"

Sure the first day back at school sucks because it once again marks the beginning of homework and lectures, but there is always that moment in each class when you just know how the rest of the semester of that class is going to work itself out. Experienced teachers and professors have been playing the same game for awhile, and they are pretty sure to let you know what kind of ship they command when it comes to their class. If you're in high school or grade school it sucks because you're st!t out of luck, stuck in that class. If you're in college/university, though, it's a godsend because you still have time to drop that class or maybe even get into another.

Venus Fallen's "Particle Collider" is a must as part of your wardrobe the first day of class if you're enrolled in any Science courses this semester. If the Professor has a sense of humor, he or she won't forget you or your unique sense of style all year long. If you get the stink eye, drop that class and don't look back! Science can be a wonderful thing in the hands of a skilled educator, but let's be honest - it can be a real bore otherwise.

If you love science and still want to make a lasting impression, but need something a little more tame - there's still something for you int the Venus Fallen shop. Use coupon code HAILSAGAN from now until 08.29.13, and take for 10% off your purchase.