Totally Jawesome!

Today, 08/04/13, is the first day of a glorious week when parents and their children can sit down together in peaceful harmony and enjoy Discovery Channel's tribute to nature's most captivating of predators, the shark. "Shark Week 2013" kicks off tonight at 8 p.m. EST with "Air Jaws: Countdown To Shark Week 2013."

I tried my best to bring you only seven articles of clothing that would proclaim your appreciation of these "sea dogs" year round, but there was just too much cool stuff out there to skip. Even this list of 14 items leaves off a ton of them, but I think there's something on this list any shark fan can sink their teeth into.


10.Deep "The Deep"

Dark Cycle "Hammerhead On A Bicycle"

Electric Zombie "Jawesome"

Fright-Rags "Zombie vs. Shark" Raglan

Glennz Tees "Shark Week"