Bsclly. x Daggers For Teeth "Witchboard Pt. 2" Bundle & "Snake Coffin"

The companion piece to Bsclly. and Daggers For Teeth's "Witchboard Pt. 1" ouija board went up for sale just a couple of hours ago (as of the time of this post), and this bundle is already sold out in sizes Medium and Large over in the Daggers For Teeth store. The "Witchboard Pt. 2" bundle includes a wooden laser cut planchette that matches the previously released board, and the new "Snake Coffin" t shirt. If you were lucky enough to score the ouija board, the German made coordinating planchette is a no-brainer (consider it an upgrade to that plastic Parker Brothers one you've been using). The t shirt is an added bonus, as Craig Robson's snakes are as devilishly good as his skulls.

If you're late to this post and all stock is sold out through Daggers For Teeth, fret not, you can purchase this monster collaboration in the bundle or the "Snake Coffin" t shirt alone in the Bsclly. webstore.