8-Bit Zombie "Noxious"

8-bit Zombie's Summer 2013 delivery has been available for over a month, and if you haven't picked up something, you must hate everything about your childhood. It's hard not to look at anything this brand has put out and not feel the least bit nostalgic for the carefree days of being a kid.  The most unique items came and went (although 8-bit Zombie has promised the Thrashor figure will make a comeback). Due to financial obligations, I could only swing the "Noxious" t shirt. I'm still disappointed I couldn't purchase more at this time, but the magnitude of this design made up for my lack cash. It is FREAKING AMAZING!

Following in the footsteps of the "Thrashor" t shirt, the brand created "Noxious" to put their own twist on the '80s G.I. Joe figures. Not the foot high dolls our dad's played with, and not the weirdly manorexioc figures available in stores today. I'm talking about the unfortunately thumbless and crotchless plastic soldiers whose bodies were held together by rubber bands. This explosive design conjures the same feeling of awe as walking into Toys R' Us as a kid and drooling over the full aisle of Joes. It makes me sad that they don't command the same real estate they did back then. I miss it just as much as the wall of NES tickets/slips.

I just started going to comic book conventions with my pops last year, and I'll be going to my second NYCC this fall. I'm not into cosplay (although I do have this homemade, award-winning Cobra Commander costume I wore for Halloween a few years back), but how cool would it be to go as this guy! Collecting the clothes is easy, and I could effortlessly attach a broken NES zapper to one of those backpack weed sprayers my college fraternity used to fill with alcoholic punch. Now Hi-C just needs to re-release Ecto Cooler to fill this baby with!

The new t shirts are still available in all sizes; along with hats, sunglasses, a "Garbage Pail Kids" inpired poster set, and the unmatched awesomeness of the "Garbage Bag." Go buy something you only wish you could have worn on your first day of school.