Villains Clothing "Villainsman"

When I was in grade school, I had this "Bartman" t shirt that I purchased either at the shore or a flea market. You know, one of those ones that you picked out the design from a wall and they did a heat transfer right on the spot. I remember Bart had a word bubble, yelling his infamous "Eat my shorts!" I wore it to school the following Monday, and I was sent down to the office and was told I had to wear it inside out so that no one could read it. Otherwise, I would be sent home. I thought is was funny because the shirt was cheap and thin, and you could still see the saying through the fabric. It was lame on their part and as a kid it made me feel all rebellious, so I kinda have a soft spot for any Bartman references.

Villains Clothing's "Villainsman" has got me feeling nostalgic. I like the way they worked in their logo - I could see Bart rocking their gear. It's regularly priced at $23, but as part of the "Summer Cleaning" sale going down right now at Villains Clothing, you can take advantage of 50% off with the code SUMMER.