Straw Castle Design "Primitive Prints" & "Nashville Natives"

The most recent additions to the Straw Castle Design Etsy store continue to impress, showcasing Derrick's ability to translate his distinct block prints and style to outstanding t shirt graphics. A design rendered in eight colors will surely catch a passing glance; but every new one or two color shirt from this brand serves as a reminder that truly powerful illustrations command attention based solely on the skill of the artist and impact.

"Primitive Prints" shares it's name with the that of the entire collection of shirts, and the design succeeds in being a genuine representation of the line. Everything about this t shirt makes it a real hallmark for the brand as well. Each individual element from the tiger, to the various typefaces, to the lightnng bolts and diamonds work in precise harmony with one another.

"Nashville Natives" has been printed on both burgundy and heather gray blanks. This piece serves as a homage to the town of Nashville and it's culture and history. Derrick proclaims himself to be a proud "Nashville Native," and his love for this place he calls home shows in this wonderful illustration.

There's a final note of kudos that Straw Castle Design deserves which shouldn't be easily dismissed. All of the brand's offerings are unisex (like those of the majority of independent brands I highlight on this blog), but these photos do a sound job of conveying how easily they can be easily converted to stylish and sexy womens tops.