Fright-Rags "Real Monsters"

Times are tough at the Monsters, Inc. factory. Screams are down because of the beautification of vampires spread rapidly by the propaganda films know commonly as the "Twilight" franchise. Management wants to make an example out of someone to instill fear in their employees, so they decide to let go of their top Scarer and his trusty sidekick. They'll create a frenzy alright - forget going postal, these guys are gonna get real. Screams aren't just for human kids anymore.

Fright-Rag's "Real Monsters" captures a scene from a children's tale gone horribly wrong; told through an incredible, super-detailed illustration. Add brilliant colors as vivid as those in the animation it draws inspiration from, and I think they've got themselves a hit. Get your own now exclusively at Fright-Rags, and start scaring your friends and loved ones.