Charliegh Co. "Stars And Stripes"

I did a few posts featuring a threads perfect for Independence Day (here and here), and I wanted to stick to items that would arrive in time to have you looking good for the holiday. At the time, Charliegh Co.'s "Stars And Stripes" was a pre-order scheduled to ship after the 4th, otherwise, it would have been at the top of my list. It's a classy, clean design with a patriotic message. The shirt is now in stock and can be purchased through Charliegh Co.'s online shop. It also comes with a custom Charliegh branded reusable tote bag perfect for the beach.

UPDATE - 07/18/13: Charliegh Co. was rad enough to hook us up with an exclusive discount code NMP good for 10% off your order. As a bonus, it NEVER expires!