The MSTRPLAN "Three Sentries"

It seems the biggest stories in U.S. news as of late have to do with certain government agencies and their questionable surveillance of American citizens, all bringing legitimacy to The MSTRPLAN's message of thinking for oneself and questioning the powers that be. Their newest designs confirm they really have their finger on the pulse of today's questions concerning American freedom - "Friendly Skies" deals with the subject of unmanned drones, while "Pig" is a pretty humorous take on the not so funny topic of police corruption. "Three Sentries" features armed robots with CCTV cameras for heads; the cameras that we encounter EVERYWHERE in our day to day lives, but have become uncomfortably accepting of (don't believe me - check out the brand's Instagram and their CCTV Project).

Speaking of Instagram, The MSTRPLAN is celebrating attaining 300 followers by having a giveaway. Details on how to enter are here, and you can buy their shirts exclusively through The MSTRPLAN webstore.